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Nationwide, white glove home delivery with specialized handling!

Supply Chain Visibility

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Supply chain visibility means never having to wonder where your products are during transit again. Clarity® is our own web-integrated application that gives you a portal into the power of our operating system. 

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Consumers Love Orion 

Consumers who invest in fine furniture have high expectations for every facet of the transaction including the final delivery experience. We're proud to share what your customers say about specialized delivery by Orion Air Ride.                                  

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Online Scheduling

Schedule my Delivery

Consumers love our online scheduling site! When you provide an email address for your customer, we use it to trigger an invitation to play an active role in the final delivery scheduling process. 

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High value, heirloom quality furniture has been notoriously slow to deliver and difficult to handle, particularly on a national scale. Orion Air Ride’s white glove home delivery program that features specialized handling of every single piece plus our faster nationwide transit times give your business the selling edge over your competitors. Orion reaches two-thirds of the US in under ten days and all of the country in three or less. But speed is only part of the success equation. How your high value pieces are handled is the critical part, because it’s no secret that as much as 40 percent of all furniture picks up at least minor damage during transit.

Now you can be assured with our deluxing program that 99.6 percent of your orders have what we call “clear POD” or clear proof of delivery, meaning we don’t deliver unless the product is in perfect condition. Our drivers are trained to inspect furniture and notate its condition. Furthermore, we never use forklifts to move furniture, only human hands. We inspect, deluxe or touch up, blanket wrap and take pride in our final delivery so that your shoppers can experience the thrill and pride of making such a good choice. Read about our specialized handling and the thought that went into this nationwide program and then let’s talk. We’d love to hear about your own business challenges and share our insights to see if we can impact your bottom line outcome! Call Orion Air Ride today.

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