Spring and Summer were in the air at High Point Market in April.   There was a departure from some traditional colors in favor of coastal and neutral hues – colors that would bring a smile to your face.

A room that illustrated this pleasant palette was the front entrance room of the Ambella Home showroom in the 310 Hamilton district at High Point Market.  We sat down with Creative Director Rick Janecek and Creative Director of Upholstery Jennifer McConnell for a conversation about their concept for the stunning front room, their perspective on color and how they integrated nature into the entire room.

Key elements of the room are curves and mixed metals.  There are also huge pieces that are as much an art statement as functional furniture with a play on Japan screens and a fun use of metal pipes that look like a game of pick up sticks.

Janecek says consumers are interested in simple, clean lines.  McConnell says she picked the fabrics for the Ambella Home collection because families want to be able to have the versatility of using their furniture in a special room of their home or in a very practical way that includes jumping youngsters and the family dog.

The video features our interview with the Ambella Home creative team of Rick Janecek and Jennifer McConnell.