Mark Fierek, Vice President of Sales for Manna Freight Systems, always has a full schedule at High Point Market.  Fierek has served on the Specialized Furniture Carriers for the last four years.   That means in addition to the thousands of steps he takes walking around Market meeting with customer and prospects, Fierek is also working with colleagues of the Specialized Furniture Carriers about pressing furniture logistics issues of the day.

The two sets of priorities for customers and shippers are well integrated. Logistics is about speed, reliability, and communications.  Many end user retail customers may not realize that drivers of the furniture products they purchase must comply with regulations called Hours of Service.


In general these regulations limit the amount of consecutive hours truckers can drive and be on duty, and require that after a certain period truckers must be off duty for 34 consecutive hours before getting back behind the wheel. These regulations are among several factors impacting delivery times.

In addition, furniture manufacturers and retailers are constantly working with logistics providers to handle a variety of different materials, some more fragile than others. The amount time necessary to care for more delicate materials must be factored into a schedule which all parties can reliably commit to delivering on time. So the next time you are wondering about shipping times, think about the details; that’s what this unique group of Specialized Furniture Carriers do all day long.

Details matter when it comes to furniture logistics and why Manna Freight Systems is investing time, talent, and dollars into getting the details right.