During Spring 2017 High Point Market we toured the Ambella Home showroom with interior designer Cheryl Draa, (Yes it’s pronounced Dre like the musician Dr. Dre). Designer Draa has been working with residential and business clients for more than 20 years and frequently attends High Point and other furniture and home decor events throughout the year.

In this segment Draa gives us a wide variety of types of pieces. Let’s put it this way, the spectrum ranges from Alpacas to the bathroom sink. Ambella Home is known for skilled crafting, exceptional materials and use of a variety of materials that gives their pieces a traditional look with a modern edge. They were the first to introduce a “sink chest” a design you’ll see in this My Three Pieces episode.

Ambella Home is no stranger to our video segments, two years ago we did a piece on their front room which was a huge hit at High Point Spring 2015 Market