Plenty of moving parts in the furniture industry especially in the logistics function.   Ok it’s a cheesy pun, but very accurate.  Mark Fierek of Orion Air Ride is the first vice president of the Specialized Furniture Carriers, a group of dozens of logistics providers that take the extra steps in the handling of furniture.  It’s not like slapping a bunch of equal size pallets on a truck.  Furniture piece are different shapes, sizes, weights and materials.  This presents a unique challenge for shippers and logistics providers.

Fierek attended the regular meeting of the Specialized Furniture Carriers at the Fall 2016 High Point Market.  They talked about changes in Federal transportation regulations, reverse logistics issues and the growing role of eCommerce in furniture retailing.   Orion Air Ride and it’s parent company Manna Freight Systems have been long time supporters of the Specialized Furniture Carriers group which is a division of the American Home Furnishings Alliance.  These are carriers that compete and partner with each other to the benefit of furniture manufacturers, retailers and their customers.   Listen to the video for Fierek’s market highlights and the unique ways these carriers handle furniture.