Bruce Andrews Design Will Stop You In Your Tracks

Albert Maruggi - Friday, August 14, 2015

It is a good thing that Bruce Andrews Design Benchmark chairs are comfortable because their size and details will stop you in your tracks as you pass their showroom. I first saw Bruce Andrews Design chairs at the Spring High Point Market 2015, just walking along in the Suites at Market Square, turned a corner and Pow! a huge beautiful chair filled my field of view.   

The colors were rich, the fabrics sturdy, and if the chair had a voice it would be the voice of James Earl Jones . . . or King James of Scotland.  The chairs hail from a distinctly Scottish heritage with a nod (or bow) toward the royal households of old. You’re getting the picture now. In one chair, you have told the world: I’m here and I want you to be here with me, please have a seat.  

Once seated the feeling was one of warmth, protection, and a touch of entitlement. Once in the seat you did feel like you were supposed to be served instead of rising to get a glass of wine. This elegant furniture is that of royalty -- not pedestrians.  The seat is, indeed, a place of honor, not routine. Bruce Andrews chairs are individually crafted and signed.  

Bruce Andrews Design - A Chair For Royalty

Co-founder, Wayne MIllar said in an interview it was a chair of luxury.  It is luxurious, but not pretentious.  It’s not the luxury of the Kardashian type, it is more the luxury of, say the Rockefeller type, luxury that is intelligent, hard working, and with longevity. It makes the kind of wealth statement that says this form of elegance is earned from work, not obtained from winning the lottery.  More about the richness of Bruce Andrews Design in the video above.  Visit Bruce Andrews Design at High Point Market Fall 2015 at the Suites at Market Square showroom M - 8054.   

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