Many designers attending High Point Market put the Oly showroom on their list of must see destinations. Oly is known for its lighter color palettes, furniture with clean lines, and fun elements that add personality to a living space. The work of Oly designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger goes beyond furniture to include lighting, artwork and fashion.

Perhaps that stellar reputation makes this selection by interior designer Arianne Bellizaire all the more interesting for those looking to add something from the Oly collection to their home. Arianne is a regular at Oly and loves their collection. This spring a slightly different type of Oly piece caught her eye for its bold geometric lines reminiscent of an art deco style and its handsome hardware. The piece is called the Parker Cabinet and it’s worth a look says Arianne. Check out more of Arianne Bellizaire’s work at her Instagram account called Inspiredarianne.