Specialized Handling

What exactly is it?

It’s caring as much about the integrity of your products as you do.

It’s never using a motorized forklift to move your fine furniture during transport.

It’s putting your products on only those carriers specializing in furniture transportation.

It’s giving each piece a thorough exam at destination market using a deluxing checklist with some 30 fields to check off before we say it’s ready to deliver to your customer.

It’s completing the deluxing and blanket wrapping of each piece before it goes out for delivery.

VIP Customers Expect the Kind of Service We Deliver

Web-integrated tracking | Nationwide door-to-door delivery | Professional, courteous attention

White Glove service | Assembly | Room-of-choice placement

Consistent. Reliable. Responsible.

Supplier dashboards keep key performance metrics top of mind and up-to-date. System logic rewards excellence and helps guide corrective actions.

On time percentage | Low reschedule rate | Consistent return timing